Katie Creighton Garden Design


Full Design Starting from scratch? 
I start with consultations to determine the overall goals for your garden. This includes how you want to use the space, what elements you would like to have, maintenance needs and expectations, and any particular style you prefer. Existing and desired hardscapes (structures, patios, walkways, decks, hot tubs, etc.) are discussed at this point also. This is also the time for preliminary budget considerations, so the design can be tailored to fit your budget. Following initial consultations and site analysis, blueprints to scale are prepared, and preliminary designs are developed. Through a series of follow-up sessions and alterations to the design, a final design is reached.

Design After RemodelingConstruction destroyed part of the yard?
Just as I do with a full design, I work with you to develop gardens around the new addition, to complement your existing gardens.

Planting Updates Layout of the garden is OK, but plants are “tired”?
I assess what’s working and what’s not, and suggest plant replacements, avoiding the expense of restructuring the garden, while still giving the garden a fresh look.

Installation Management Need help making it happen?
I work with homeowners and installers to ensure a smooth process throughout installation, including handling of unforeseen issues, proper interpretation of design, and proper plant placement.

Container GardensSmaller area needs brightening up?
I cheer up entryways, balconies and patios with a combination of evergreen, perennial and seasonal plantings. These pots and planters can be a garden unto themselves, or included as accents in a larger garden.

Hour-long Consultations Need a fresh perspective?
If you are not sure where to start, I can meet on an hourly basis to discuss different perspectives and possibilities. This may help you decide which direction you would like to go with your garden.

Maintenance Maintenance more than you thought?
I provide quarterly reviews and tune-ups after installation is complete, to ensure the plants are thriving, the irrigation is working as it should, and overall the garden is developing as planned. Generally it takes two to three years for a garden to “settle in”, and keeping regular track of watering, feeding, pruning, and plant problems is most important for the long term health of the garden.


"Our whole back yard needed an overhaul, and Katie
helped us envision its potential. The outdoor parties
we have had since the installation of our new backyard garden have brought rave reviews! Katie captured and brought to life the spirit of what we wanted. We love it!"
~ Laura

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